Lucy Knisley

Lucy is an illustrator, comic artist and author. Occasionally she is a puppeteer, ukulele player and amateur food/travel writer.

Her first published book, French Milk, is a drawn journal about living (and eating) in Paris with her mother. (From Touchstone Publishing from Simon and Schuster), August of 2008.

She also has a number of self-published works, and has contributed to a wide variety of comic anthologies. Many of these are available in the “buy stuff” section.

Miss Knisley (the K is silent) is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she went to study painting, and ended up making comics. She then studied at the Center for Cartoon Studies, where she received a scholarship to pursue her MFA (completed in June, 2009).

Beginning with a love for Archie comics, Tintin and Calvin and Hobbes, she has been making comics in some form or another since she could hold a pencil. Now most of her work is drawn with Faber-Castell black PITT pens or a Pentel pocket brush pen on smooth bristol board or cheap computer paper, and colored on the computer.

She was born in 1985 in New York City, and raised by a family of foodies. She now lives in Chicago, where she’s working on her second major graphic novel project (a book about food, from First Second Publishing).

She also teaches a weekly comics class at a local elementary school, ages 8 to 11, where she can be among her peers in maturity.

During her years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she edited and contributed to the comics section of FNews Magazine, where she won the ICPA award for Excellence in Illinois College Newspapers (for exceptional cartoon or comic strip), and was a finalist in the Scripps Howard Foundation’s Charles M. Schulz College Cartoonist Award.

She likes books, sewing, bicycles, food you can eat with a spoon, ornery cats, art you can climb on, manatees, nice pens, costumes, baking, television, cheese and Oscar Wilde.

She occasionally writes in the third-person, and has been known to wear hats, from time to time.

To say that Lucy Knisley is one of my heroes is a complete understatement. I cannot even begin to start to praise this talented artist enough. What Lucy does for me is nothing revolutionary but with with pitch perfect perfection! Her style is simple but still shows a care for detail where necessary. Despite how cartoony her drawings may be, her characters (often herself) deal with emotions that I can and do very much relate to. I do not remember how I stumbled upon Knisley and her work but I wait with baited breath for every little thing she comes out with. Perhaps she is my hero because I can relate to her so well, agree with her viewpoints so much, and admire her artwork. She has a voice that tries to analyze things and relate them to stories and other feelings, a voice that I find myself having very often.

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