It was somewhere down State, while we were filming the last portion of our film project, that my group witnessed the car accident. Following one of the crew members cut through a busy crosswalk, our attention was diverted to the sounds of the accident. Have you ever seen a car accident? It’s a bit of something surreal and you can’t look away. It stands perhaps as an idiom to the question of destruction as beauty.

The accident was small and no one appeared to be hurt. Minutes later, one could hear the sirens from the fire truck as it approached. I thought about all of the sirens I’ve heard since I’ve been in Chicago. How many car accidents happen in a day within the city? How severe are they? I thought about the fact that most car accidents happen in areas that you’re used to driving in. And I thought about the two accidents I’ve been in. The first one when I was seven. I was in the car with my brother in law and we were driving to see my sister at work. The car that hit us went on a red light and nearly pushed our minivan off into the freeway traffic below. The second one was when I was 19. I was leaving my school to drop off a package for my mother when I accidentally hit another car at a stop sign. In both accidents, no one was hurt.

Months later, when I met my boyfriend, he text me asking me if I had been in an accident near the college. I found out his coworker was the guy I hit. That has to be one of the strangest coincidences of my life. I think about all the strange coincidences that dotted our relationship, that dotted my life, and the accidents that dot the streets of Chicago everyday.
I rewatched this film with my boyfriend recently and the two of us enjoyed it immensely. With this second viewing, I watched with a much more analytical eye. Millennium Actress tells the story of a pair of documentary makers who listen to the retelling of a retired, popular actress’s life. The film is stylistic in that it blurs the line between reality and fantasy, using this as a device to poetically entrance the viewer, emphasizing the actress’s search for her long, lost love. The film is innovative, multi-layered, filled with symbolism, and multiple messages.

Essentially, Millennium Actress is a love story where the two sides never come together. It is one about the search for love with no reward. But it is not without hope. It questions why we live, why we strive to reach goals, and why, because it is human, we live. After a brief encounter with a mysterious anti-government painter, the heroine decides to become an actress and uses her love for him as a driving point in her career. Coincidentally, she stars in films which all involve a woman searching for her loved one and going through any trials necessary. From here, we watch her literally travel through hundreds of years in her roles, chasing an enigmatic man who made a profound connection with her as a young woman. She gallantly holds onto a key of his, not knowing what it unlocks, but assigning it the role of reminding her of her love for him.

Orange sherbert, pistachio, palmer house (Venetian vanilla with cherries and vanilla), strawberry, and chocolate. All made in store. Underestimation is an understatement, I did not foresee how delicious this dessert would be! I could spend my time finding a deeper meaning within the rainbow cone to write about, but I will not waste my words on such a triviality. For around $3, in front of the 162 N. State dorms, you can treat yourself.

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